St. Lucia, South Africa

Ever since I was a little girl, Africa has always appealed to me. Why? I am not quite sure. At the very surface it seemed to be a place with collections of stories that held vulnerability and hope. Underneath, even from a small age I knew that there was more to the story. Inside of the crippling pages and bound together at the spine was the pursuit of strength to rebuild, tradition and most importantly the most quintessential elements of what it is to be human. At nineteen years old I set off on my first international flight to Durban, South Africa. There I would begin to fulfill this lifelong dream of giving back. Throughout my lifetime I have been given so much, sometimes without even asking. It is my duty, as a world citizen to give what I have been given by tenfold.

At a crèche in rural St. Lucia, I found just how capable my heart was at loving.

In the open safari, I wore no mask, for the first time in my life. As vulnerable and raw as I could become I opened myself up to ten girls.

I set off to Africa to try and find myself. Instead, I found ten monumental, extraordinary pieces of my heart.