Saturday, January 19, 2012

Today is the last day with Ben and the girls. When you put a group of strangers in a foreign land with extreme conditions, you quickly learn how to trust and rely on people.

It's funny because I cannot name ten people from back home I trust completely with my life but I can name you ten people from the other side of the world: Ben, Ali, Brit, Iz, Tess, Rikki, Rhi, Jaime, Bronwyn, and Ashleigh.

I came on this short journey in search of myself. Instead I found ten beautiful souls and ten remarkable humans. IT was then through each of them was I able to collect small pieces of myself.

To think in our family of eleven there were eleven stories. All unique from one another and yet each of those stories led us to getting on an airplane, allowing it to take us thousands of miles away to uncharted territory. Surrendering to the journey.