Cambodia 2014

I like to call this the time that I had a pre-quarter-life-crisis, left University before the spring semester was over and tried to track down my purpose in Cambodia. While in Cambodia I worked on an elephant sanctuary founded by Lek Chailert, one of the kindest, soft spoken, passionate individuals I have ever met. While I was at the sanctuary I not only helped take care of the elephants there but I taught the military English. When I wasn't at the sanctuary, I was mostly in Siem Reap helping instruct a volunteer program, teaching English, sports and Geography. On the weekends I would travel to Phenom Pehn the capitol and teach additional private lessons at a hotel.

I bared witness to some of the most extreme poverty there was. Became friends with some of the most genuine individuals. And truly found who I wanted to be while in Cambodia. The world broke my heart while I was there, as I had to navigate through corruption, greed and ill intentioned Westerners. It was a journey that left scars deeper than the Grand Canyon on my heart, but it was an experience that has shifted me, molded me and encouraged me to press on.

You can see more about my adventures at my old blog.