The days are longer, and we are serving our coffee over ice here at the Carriage House. I have always associated summer with carefree, unbrushed hair and sun soaking into my skin. With summer, comes the opportunity to ditch the layers of clothes and put on a swimsuit.

Swimsuit shopping can be triggering for many of us. Last year, I wrote about my swimsuits and loving your summer body for Lala Magazine and the response I got was incredible. Not only do we compare our bodies to one another and our old selves, but markets have placed fruit shapes as a way to describe our hips, thighs, arms and stomachs. There are stories of strangers tearing down other strangers by snapping an unsolicited photo of them and spreading it around with ill intent. It is gut wrenching. I am right there with you! I didn't start feeling comfortable in a swimsuit until about four years ago, and there are days that I still struggle. But to elevate some of the anxieties of not feeling good, overexposed and vulnerable, I have discovered what shapes and swimsuit types make me feel the best about myself. Disclaimer: it is not a Victoria Secret bikini, with pads in the stop that take days to dry out. I love high waisted bottoms and even cut out one pieces! 

This summer I will team up with Target to help you discover your most Cordelia Hart self -- that is a life, that is the most beautiful fairytale of all. Here are my hand picked options for the summer! Because of the different options that Target provides for women, I am excited to jump into Horsetooth this summer and even wear a confident smile on the beach during my annual California road trip!

Don't see something you personally like? Email me and we can pick something out for you.