As I pen this next note to my daughter, the first thing I'm inclined to do is apologize. I am sorry it has been far too many weeks since I've written to you. You see, I was too busy going out and chasing the brokenness of my own heart and trying to understand the cruelty of humans in hopes you don't have to. Except I'll admit to her, "I hope you feel heartache that so deeply hurts you that you're revolutionized." And I know if she is anything like me, she will. Because love is the spare change we give out in hopes of making this world a bit more beautiful. When she calls me with messy tears in her eyes, I'll give her a list of three things to do: first • go and kiss all the wrong boys { and remember as a keepsake that at some point you will fulfill the role of someone kissing all the wrong girls } • second • change the locks to your apartment, it doesn't matter if he had a key or not. The next time he comes because he misses you, he won't be meeting the same girl that he once knew behind the other lock. It'll give you a sacred peace of mind that you belong to yourself and there is a lot of security in that • third • build your dream office because it is time to start chasing yourself + purpose. Create a creative space for that too big of a heart of yours pea.