When I have a daughter and she gets her first rejection letter I will hand her a pair of slippers and say, "you better put these on pea because you're going to have to get comfortable at standing in the place you are in." If she is anything like me, she will draw herself a hot shower, curl up into a ball on the shower floor and cry. "Let it replenish you," I will reminder her. Go far enough to the edge where you feel like you're going to drown. Because it is only then are you humbled by your ability to allow your passion to bleed you dry. Speaking of humbleness -- celebrate other people's victories for them. One day, you'll be the person who takes the opening spot, and someone will feel this way too. Be humbled and appreciative when you get the "yes," phone call. But until that phone rings, you better get comfortable at the place you're in, because the world will reveal itself, as your reward from not drowning.