Dear Future Daughter,

You'll have to figure out how to come home and why you're coming home. There are going to be seasons of healing in your life, which means you'll have to take things moment by moment. Others might never understand that, and it's okay. When your loved ones don't have arms strong enough to hold you, find refuge in strangers. There will be a woman who changes your flight without a fee. She'll ask you several times if you're okay as she changes your flight; thank her, genuinely for the fact she doesn't charge a fee. Your Uber drive will try harder than most to comfort you. And the man ahead of you in the security line will allow you to cry in front of him. When this happens allow strangers to be the one guiding you home, it's okay. You get to determine what is okay and what is not. You're at a point on you're life where you understand time a little bit better, which goes to say less bullshit and more comfort. So change your flight. Come home early. You tried and tried and tried. And now you're tired. You get to come home.