Dear Future Daughter,

You will have nights when you cry over old wounds that you thought you healed from. This is so important. It is a reminder to see the world through softer eyes; you too have once needed more compassion and hugs than what the world seemed to have been giving you. There will be days when you wake up with swollen eyes and a heavy heart; your smile will never be more beautiful. Take a picture with someone you love, on those days, and give thanks. When your past walks into a room hug them. We are all human and we're just trying to get it. Cherish the secrets between you and him. Celebrate the anniversaries, even if it's in the form of tears -- August 12, 31. September 4. April 24. May 2. They are reminders that you have loved fiercely and with abandon. Be okay to put yourself into someone else's hands and laugh again. Don't self deprecate yourself and proclaim you need to be fixed; you are not broken. You are becoming and unbecoming. Celebrate the losses because it meant there was opportunity. Build a gallery wall of mistakes in your home and dance among it. Practice holding water in your hand, so you learn to let go. Choose those who choose you.