Dear Future Daughter,

There is so much to know about this life, yet you'll never know it all. Only the bits you're supposed to know -- when you're supposed to know it. There will be more nights where you eat mac and cheese on the kitchen floor crying; not because anything happened, but because you're healing, than others gathered with you drinking wine. You'll start a career and it won't be like college. People seem cold and jaded, don't let them steal your enthusiasm. When you and everyone else from college choose to stay, don't feel bad when you pursue the same career and don't decide to befriend them again. Allow your circle to be sacred. There will be boys and men who enjoy you for who you are now. Not because of your history. Not because of who you might be, but because right now you talk too loud, and you're an anxious mess, but you still manage to have a good time together. You'll laugh with someone else, again, and it will feel like freedom. They will respect the void in your heart and not try and fill it. Allow it to be. Not everything has to have a past or a future. Somethings are meant for right now, like the laughter and squeezing in social hours and having three servings of Mac and cheese.