hen I have a daughter and she chooses to live in a different town, she will stumble into a living arrangement where her roommate is awful to her. If she is anything like me it will crush her that not everyone likes her even though she tries so hard to be loving and inclusive. She will take it personally, when really she did nothing wrong, sometimes some people are too self righteous to see the light you bring. There will be nights when she doubts her worth because she crawls into bed alone, waiting for him to respond. Not because she believes in shallow, mundane responses but because she grew up in a house where acknowledging and validating someone's feelings was the purest form of love. Her knack to be responsible will leave her choosing books over bars, but in seeking solace she will question if something is wrong with her because she isn't like all of her friends getting shitfaced every weekend. When that happens, I will send her a letter once a month for her to receive on a Saturday that says, "spend the day scrubbing your bath tub. Go through your closet and donate clothes you don't wear anymore. Make Sunshine tea, with a little extra apple cider vinegar, to detox your body. Open the windows even if it is chilly to get fresh air. And light all the candles in your house. Turn off the phone, try this recipe and be alone tonight. Be okay with being alone tonight." At the most center of it all, times, seasons, friends and life changes -- you sweetheart will be the one constant, so you must get comfortable with her now. Realize your worth is measured by your ability to love yourself.